Microzone have been manufacturing highly effective, reliable lab reagents to assist molecular biologists for over 20 years.

Our range includes: DNA release & extraction kits and solutions, PCR mastermixes, products for DNA clean up and lab essentials including molecular biology grade water. See below for the complete list of our products. For full descriptions and to make a purchase follow the links to Clent Life Science, our sole UK distributor.

Go from cell to PCR rapidly and reliably, or extract DNA from even incredibly difficult sources so that it can be totally purified.

microLYSIS® Plus

A more complex lysis solution that enables you to get intact DNA from the most difficult sources: The toughest bacterial cells and spores as well as yeasts, fungi, moulds, some plant and some animal tissues directly.

microLYSIS® Plus 5X

The benefits of microLYSIS® plus at 5 X the concentration.


Release buffer, optimised to lyse cells commonly used in the lab (like bacterial (e.g.E. coli), yeast (e.g.S. cerevisiae) and human cells (e.g. HeLa) for PCR ready DNA in less than 15 minutes. Supplied in 1 tube for ease of use.

DNAmite Direct

Designed to generate PCR ready DNA from large volume samples. It’s quicker than spin-column methods and uses fewer steps. It doesn’t use ethanol, phenol, chloroform or isopropanol, so it’s safer for you and the environment.

DNAmite Plant Kit

For extracting large amounts of high purity DNA from plant leaves, petals, seeds, stems and tubers, perfect for work with Arabidopsis.

Clean DNA (post PCR or whole genomic) for further downstream applications.


PCR purification for small DNA fragments, provides a simple spin protocol that’s quicker, cheaper and more flexible than other products. It offers excellent recovery, is reliable and can be used for both tubes and plates, achieving clean PCR fragments/DNA in less than 15 minutes.

CA Solution

Formulated to capture large DNA molecules and widely used for genomic DNA purification, enabling the production of clean DNA for downstream applications in a matter of minutes.

A range of classic and elite mastermixes, with and without loading dye to suit all PCR systems.

Megamix & Megamix Double 

Ready-to-use PCR master mix containing recombinant Taq polymerase and all other fixed components you need: high purity dNTPs, reaction buffer and a superb enzyme stabiliser. Available as standard and double concentrated.

Megamix Blue & Megamix Blue Double

A PCR master mix with dye that has all the advantages of MegaMix with the addition of a blue agarose loading dye, allowing easy visualisation and eliminating the need for additional gel loading buffers. Available as standard and double concentrated.

Megamix Gold

An elite hot start PCR mastermix designed for challenging PCR systems, supplied double concentrated.

Megamix Royal

A second elite hot start mastermix that’s a recalibration of Megamix Royal with the same dye as Megamix Blue, so you can load agarose gels straight away. Supplied double concentrated. Designed to minimise background and maximise yield.

Megamix W 

A specially formulated PCR master mix for use with the Wave® Machine (Transgenomics Inc.). Many chemicals found in PCR buffers (e.g. BSA) can interfere with the performance of the Wave® Machine. MegaMix-W does not contain these chemicals and so gives reliable results without the need for further optimisation.

Use of a lower volume of dye and reduce the costs of your Sanger sequencing without compromising accuracy and in some cases even increasing it.

5 X BaseQ

A straightforward 5 x dilution buffer designed for sequencing reactions to be used as an extremely powerful replacement for ABI dilution buffers.


Enhancing buffer designed for use with the ABI BigDye v1.1 and v3.1 sequencing mixes, for use with all sequencing machines replaces both home made and commercial dilution buffers, shown to improve results from difficult templates as well as reducing sequencing costs and is ideal for high throughput sequencing.


Another novel enhancing buffer designed for use with ABI BigDye sequencing mixes v1.0 and 3.0. Compatible with all sequencing machines (apart from MegaBASE), all you need to do is dilute your ABI BigDye to reduce product consumption and costs.

genotyping kits

From sample to gel quickly and efficiently.

Genotyping Kits, 100, 250 & 500 test pack sizes

DNA Extraction: A fast, easy, single tube lysis, producing quality, PCR ready, DNA in 15 minutes.

Amplification: Using Microzone’s 2x MegaMix-GT PCR Mastermix that includes an enhanced PCR reaction buffer, dNTPs and an inert blue loading dye to enable direct gel loading post PCR.

Suitable for all templates including GC rich. Enough DNA for numerous typings.

Everyday use essentials for a wide variety of molecular biology applications.

Just Water

Ready to use molecular biology grade water, suitable for use in all molecular biology applications, providing high purity with the complete absence of DNase and RNase.

Plus, coming soon….

qpcr mastermixes

Effectively monitor amplification of double stranded DNA in real time with our powerful dye based mix.

Megamix Quant

Designed to enable effective, efficient quantification of amplified DNA Made with green fluorescent DNA binding dye and contains a double concentrated, elite hot start PCR mastermix to maximise yield.

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