Go from cell to PCR rapidly and reliably, or extract DNA from even incredibly difficult sources so that it can be totally purified.

A more complex lysis solution that enables you to get intact DNA from the most difficult sources: The toughest bacterial cells and spores as well as yeasts, fungi, molds, some plant and some animal tissues directly. Just requires a routine lab dry block heater, water bath or thermalcycler.

Unlike DNA released with bead-beating systems, DNA released using microLYSIS®-Plus is intact.

Once lysed, DNA is ready to be used in PCR or qPCR without further manipulation.  Samples can be stored for future use.

Release buffer, optimised to lyse cells commonly used in the lab (like bacterial (e.g.E. coli), yeast (e.g.S. cerevisiae) and human cells (e.g. HeLa) for PCR ready DNA in less than 15 minutes. Supplied in 1 tube for ease of use.

For extracting large amounts of high purity DNA from plant leaves, petals, seeds, stems and tubers, perfect for work with Arabidopsis.

Our kit is quick and easy to use. Comes complete with all reagents, Doesn’t require Ethanol or Isopropanol. 

A truly tried and tested product in use in universities and research institutes. 

Cost effective too!