MAGneat Tissue, Saliva Blood - DNA /RNA extraction kit

All in one kit!


  • Extracting DNA & RNA from Tissue, Saliva & Blood


  • Three sample types in one kit
  • Fast – saves time and resources
  • Delivers high yields and high quality DNA or RNA

Product Details

Our MAGneat Tissue, Saliva & Blood DNA / RNA extraction kit is based on Microzone’s magnetic bead technology. With this kit the user can rapidly and confidently extract adn purify DNA and RNA from a range of samples that includes:

Tissue – Tail and ear snips, heart, lung, liver to name a few. 

Saliva – from collection devices and freshly collected.

Blood – collected in EDTA and frozen samples.

We can also supply MAGneat racks to help quickly separate the magnetic beads from the sample to help make light work of washing steps…… 

  •  More information coming soon…….