MAGneat Magnetic Separation Rack

1.5-2.0ml x 12 Tube Rack


  • Separation of magnetic beads of numerous sizes and concentrations
  • Use with Molecular Biology extraction
  • Protein Purification


  • Fast separation of beads
  • Beads drawn to the side of the tube and away from the bottom
  • Easy to remove supernatant
  • Uses strong Neodymium Magnets
  • Can be used with Molecular Biology and Proteomic techniques

Product Details

The MagNEAT range of Magnetic Bead products includes extraction kits, PCR Clean UP and Magnetic Separators such as this 1.5 – 2.0ml tube rack.

Made to simplify the work path of people working with molecular biology or proteomic techniques that include magnetic bead separation. Our range of separators offer fast, convenient and easy to use products. We create functional products with good design. Most of all though they work well and wont break the budget. We use high quality strong Neodymium magnets to provide the pull needed. The magnets aren’t the only factor in rapid separation, extraction rate also varies depending on the beads being used. Our MagNEAT separators are consistent in magnetic pull. This will ensure that once tested with a customer’s choice of beads, the separator will be consistent.



  • Well designed, cost effective and won’t damage the budget.
  • Strips fit smoothly and are firm in the MAGneat separator
  • Beads pulled to one side to give clear route to the bottom of the tube.
  • Consistently fast separation
  • Use only Neodymium magnets
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