A range of classic and elite master mixes, with and without loading dye to suit all PCR systems.

Ready-to-use PCR master mix containing recombinant Taq polymerase and all other fixed components you need: high purity dNTPs, reaction buffer and a superb enzyme stabiliser. Available as standard and double concentrated.

A PCR master mix with dye that has all the advantages of MegaMix with the addition of a blue agarose loading dye, allowing easy visualisation and eliminating the need for additional gel loading buffers. Available as standard and double concentrated.

An elite hot start PCR master mix designed for challenging PCR systems, supplied double concentrated.

A second elite hot start master mix that’s a recalibration of Megamix Gold with the same dye as Megamix Blue, so you can load agarose gels straight away. Supplied double concentrated. Designed to minimise background and maximise yield.

A specially formulated PCR master mix for use with the Wave® Machine (Transgenomics Inc.). Many chemicals found in PCR buffers (e.g. BSA) can interfere with the performance of the Wave® Machine. MegaMix-W does not contain these chemicals and so gives reliable results without the need for further optimisation.