MegaMix Platinum qPCR Mastermix (Probe Based)

MegaMix Platinum has been designed for probe based qPCR. It makes light work of developing multiplex assays up to five probes. This makes it a very convenient mix for many different applications. MegaMix Platinum uses a hot start Taq to provide ease of use and set up.

  • Superior Components: Features chemically modified Hot Start Taq DNA polymerase, dUTP, and UNG in enhancing buffer
  • Also includes 20X RTase/RI enzyme mix optimized for amplifying low copy RNA targets
  • Microzone’s enhanced PCR buffers


  • qPCR assays for numerous templates and single or multiplex assays
  • Clear, robust amplification
  • Sensitive with low copy numbers
  • Designed for use with probe based assays using TaqMan, Scorpions, Molecular Beacons etc.
  • Detection and quantification of gDNA, cDNA, Viral DNA etc.
  • Excellent for multiplex assays.
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