megamix-emerald -qPCR-dye-based

MegaMix Emerald qPCR Mastermix (Dye Based)

Everything you need for efficient qPCR in a single reaction, swiftly and reliably. The 2X mix contains chemically modified Hot Start Taq DNA polymerase, intercalating dye (microGREEN), dUTP and UNG in enhancing buffer, optimised for amplifying low-copy DNA targets. The third-generation intercalating fluorescent dye (microGREEN), binds to double-stranded DNA, making MegaMix Emerald the perfect choice for qPCR, Melt Curve Analysis and is ideal for use with MegaMix HRM (High Resolution Melting).

  • High success rates up to 6kb.
  • High yields under standard conditions.
  • Provides effective and efficient amplification for GC and AT rich templates.
  • Strong MgCl2 to support strong amplification.


The Hot Start Taq polymerase is chemically inactivated until heating to 95°C, providing excellent sensitivity and specificity; eliminating the formation of non-specific amplification and primer-dimers. The presence of UNG and dUTP’s eliminates carryover contamination, the thermolabile UNG is active at room temperature before being completely and irreversibly inactivated when heated to 95°C, this means your PCR product is suitable for downstream processing.

  • Can be used with standard and fast cycling and amplification.
  • Works well with dye based assays.
  • PCR water supplied with kit
  • Comes with dUTP and UNG
  • Dye based qPCR
  • Use with gDNA, Viral DNA, cDNA….
  • Use for quantification, gene expression, SNP detection using High Resolution Melting (HRM).

MegaMix Emerald qPCR with UNG (orange) exhibits earlier Cq values and superior sensitivity vs competitor A (black), when amplifying the RNase P gene from a 6X, 1 in 10 serial dilution of 1 µg human DNA. BMS MIC.

MegaMix Emerald qPCR

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