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MicroCLEAN is used to “clean” DNA. MicroCLEAN is designed specifically for working with small sized, post PCR amplified DNA up to approximately 1Kb in size. 

A simple spin system that does not require columns or any additional product. The final step of the process is to re-hydrate the clean DNA in the customers in house buffer (TE, Ad H20 or TBE).

The method requires the use of just one tube or plate. The products are therefore more environmentally friendly than many competitors that utilise spin tubes and multiple plastic ware such as pipette tips etc.

The method can easily be automated for labs that process large numbers of plates or tubes.

Stored at 4⁰C, both MicroCLEAN is readily available without having to wait while products thaw.


  • Post PCR Clean
  • Removing contaminants, dye, dNTPs, proteins etc


  • Fast and simple – Saves time
  • Environmentally friendly -uses a one tube method. Reduce Plastic, Reduce Cost, Reduce Waste.
  • Can be used with tubes or plates.
  • Products available for PCR products and large genomic DNA.
  • No loss of DNA
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Add equal volume of microCLEAN to DNA sample. Mix by pipetting. Leave at room temperature for 5 minutes.

For tubes:

  • Spin at high speed (10 to 13K in microfuge) for 7 minutes
  • Remove supernatant
  • Spin briefy again and remove all liquid (important)
  • Resuspend pellet in appropriate volume of TE
  • Leave 5 minutes to rehydrate DNA

For plates:

  • Spin at 2000 to 4000g for 40 minutes
  • Place plate upside down on to tissue paper in the Centrifuge holde
  • Pulse centrifuge to <40g for 30 seconds
  • Resuspend pellet in the appropriate volume of TE
  • Leave 5 minutes to rehydrate DNA

Clean DNA is now ready for further processing.

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